Who is the Best Striker in the Premier League? Arsenal, Aston Villa, Blackburn, Bolton, Chelsea, Everton, Fulham, Hull, Liverpool, Man City, Man United, Newcastle, Portsmouth, Stoke, Sunderland, Tottenham, West Brom, West Ham & Wigan Fans Have Your Say!

Fernando Torres: Is the Euro 2008 Match Winner Your Number 1?The Premier League is blessed with some of the best strikers in the world including Euro 2008 match winner Fernando Torres as well as the likes of Emmanuel Adebayor and Dimitar Berbatov. These stars are likely to be joined by a host of new forwards in the coming weeks such as Roman Pavlyuchenko, David Villa and Klaas Jan Huntelaar if the press are to be believed.

Dimitar Berbatov: Voted Best in London But is He the Best in the Premier League?Already we’ve seen big money strikers Jo (Man City) and Johan Elmander (Bolton) join English clubs which begs the question who is the best of the best when it comes to strikers in the Premier League?

Premier 10Do you prefer the homegrown talent of Wayne Rooney and Michael Owen above the likes of Roque Santa Cruz? Do you consider promoted golden oldies Kevin Phillips and Dean Windass to be the best in their position or do you consider proven Premier League foreign stars like Yakubu or Didier Drogba?

 Tottenham’s Bulgarian forward Berbatov was voted the best London has to offer in a poll earlier this week (38%) amongst fans of London clubs but we want to hear if the fans off all the Premier League sides think differently.

Vote and let’s hear your views on why you consider your choice to be the best!

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73 Responses to Who is the Best Striker in the Premier League? Arsenal, Aston Villa, Blackburn, Bolton, Chelsea, Everton, Fulham, Hull, Liverpool, Man City, Man United, Newcastle, Portsmouth, Stoke, Sunderland, Tottenham, West Brom, West Ham & Wigan Fans Have Your Say!

  1. pete says:

    jo,jo,jo,hes magic,you know,he comes from brazil,that is jo

  2. ossie says:

    Torres is brilliant, but one season in the Prem is not enough to be classed the best, also he barely scored a goal away from Anfield, makes me think he is a bit of a fair weather player. Berba is best along with Rooney who’s work rate unrivalled

  3. Mike says:

    JO is quality. Well done City on that transfer. I’d have to vote for the Royal Mail though, as their the best strikers!

  4. Steve J says:

    Berbatov every day of the week, skilful, quick, deadly and creates lots too!

  5. JD says:

    Yakubu has been consistent over a number of seasons and is not a one season wonder like the Spaniard Torres

  6. MightyBlue says:

    lol Santa Cruz & Jo are 10 times better than the has been 1 season wonde Berbatov, get a life whoever is voting Berbatov.

  7. Mart says:

    Its one of three – Berbatov – torres or Drogba. All our class. Berba has the best touch, but not the best work rate. I would also say Tevez is up there. If Berbatov had tevezs work rate he would be the best by far!

  8. AUSSIE RAMOS says:


  9. Ben says:

    AUSSIE RAMOS you really are an idiot. Firstly, typing in caps is just annoying. Then you say that you can’t argue, then you ask people to argue, then you say if they do argue that they are “FULL OF CRAP”. That is one of the stupidest things I have ever read…

    I do agree that Berbatov is one of the best strikers in the Premier League, but I don’t think that Robbie Keane is; he’s a decent player, but not up there with the best, in my opinion.

    The best strikers would be between Torres and Berbatov.

    Also, how are people coming out and saying that Jo is the best striker in the league? He’s just cost 18 million quid, and I bet most City fans know bugger all about him. On top of that he looks about 14. I’m not saying he’s bad, I’m just saying I don’t know enough about him to pass judgment, and I’ll wait until I have seen enough to do so.

  10. Carlos says:

    My vote goes to John Leslie as well… legend!! lol

    Seriously though Berba is the best if you concider the shite service he has to deal with every week.
    Torres, Rooney and Adebayour have the benefit of a decent mid field providing a lot of quality balls.
    Berba does most of his scoring on his own.

    I also agree with this Jo rubbish…nobody has seen him but as he’s Brazilian everyone thinks hes going to be amazing…..didnt City fans make the same noise about Giovanni?? LOL!!

  11. Diddy says:

    Im a Spurs fan and the best striker in the premier league without question….isnt a striker its Ronaldo, Im sorry but goals speak for themselves, whether he plays up front on the right, the left or behind the front two he bangs them in. Berbatov is second though ;)

  12. Paolo says:

    I’m a WH fan but I have to say that for me Torres looks the best out and out striker in the league. Skill, pace, strength, great finisher with an excellent work ethic and attitude.

    Berbatov is a great player and would be a close second but he falls short on effort and attitude. Then again who can blame him, he’s hardly happy at Spurs is he??? When he finally gets his move he’ll probably work harder for the CL club he seems to be craving.

  13. Diddy says:

    Berbatov’s head always drops when things arnt going his way, dont think its to do with being at spurs, hes been like it from day 1 when we first gave him his chance.

    Torres is on another level i agree

  14. Paolo says:

    Fair point Diddy, it wasn’t a dig at Spurs more a criticism of Berbatov. I guess he’s just one of those frustrating players that plays in a very laid back manner. Kanoute was similar at WH, not sure if he was the same WHL.

  15. bluto says:

    Speaking as a Chelsea fan, it has to be Fernando Torres. Last year I would have said Drogba but the Spaniard is clearly the best out-and-out striker although Ronaldo is the best goal scorer. Berbatov is not up with these two; he’s too prone to sulk and won’t put in the work when things aren’t going well. He could be excellent, but that’s up to him.

  16. Jimmyboy87 says:

    to the person who said berbs n keano are best by far, torres and gerrard scored more between them in all competitions last season if only by a couple. Drogba on form is a better player than berbatov and probably the most proven at terrifying even the best centrebacks in the world. berbatov and keane are up there still though

  17. CSKA SOFIA says:

    Berbatov is #1

  18. conner says:

    It has to be El nino

    wat a start to the season lst year

    26 goals in the prem and more to come

    we bought the lad from sunny spain he gets the ball he scores again his armband proved he was 4 the reds youll never walk alone it sed

    Fernando Torres liverpools #9

  19. CSKA says:

    There are more than 10 strikers in the PL who are better than Torres. At the present moment Berbo and Drogba are the Best.

    As Bulgarian I votes for Berbatov.

  20. robin says:

    shut up you stupid spurs fans you have got bigger fanbase in london what a joke that is why whole world laughs at you if by any chance anyone know you outside UK not many why dont you accept it that arsenal is much much bigger than you in london and absolutely huge on a worldwide scale i can tell you this because i am from outside UK and it is also a researched fact
    and as for best striker it has to be van persie by far though he has been suffering through unfortunate injuries if fit he has got more talent than ronaldo leave alone london

  21. John Smith says:

    Of course Berbatov is #1 :)

  22. Milena Mitewa says:


  23. G says:


  24. brian mall: says:

    easily the yak! he has proved it every season.
    where ever he has been.

  25. toffeelad says:

    consistent yakubu , best in the prem for last 5 years.

  26. keano says:

    agreed yakubu is awesome all round power house of a striker, dont matter what team/country he is in.

  27. blue 4 life says:

    if you’re looking goals scored how can it be anyone but yakubu only henry has scored more goals than him in the last 5 years feed the yak an he will score

  28. Dom H says:

    Yakubu of everton for me, im a middlesboro supporter and as much as he was a bit of an arse off the field he has been magnificent on it and is the best proven goalscorer in the premier league without shadow of a doubt.

  29. Andy Macho Merrick says:


    you cant beat a yaktrick

  30. Marc L says:

    The Yak will be top scorer next season, COYB

  31. darloblue says:

    Yakubu by a country mile !!!

    Consistant every season and at all 3 clubs he has played for in the Prem

  32. Steve Hughes says:

    Yakubu, I had my doubts when he signed but for me he is an out and out goal machine, looking forward to him having another monster season for the toffees.

  33. Digsy says:

    The Yak, consistently the Premiership’s top scorer behind Terry Henry and Terry’s gone on holiday to Spain so has to be The Yak.
    Feed The Yak……….

  34. Ron Dowson says:

    Some shepherd brought you here to vote for Yakubu?! Idiots. This first place is a joke!

  35. robbo says:

    im a liverpool supporter but i have to admit its got to be the yak!

  36. danny says:

    i told me mate, the other day,
    ive found a player better than pele
    me mate asked me, who could he be?
    i told me mate, he’s aiyegbeni

  37. Jon says:

    Only 1 Striker thats capable of breaking the current premier league record of 260 by Shearer, and that’s……

  38. mike m says:

    the yak is back, long live the yak

  39. kendo says:

    Ron Ron Ron the truth hurts,The facts speak for themselves.Yakubu has the best record in the premiership, and was one of two players to score a “perfect” hatrick last season. If you need to check what one of those is, just type it into wikipedia???? I suggest you type a link to this web site in a different language and you will probably get must of your teams fan base to vote.

  40. Ron Dowson says:

    Why Yakubu was with 10 votes till today and now he has more than 2000? It’s obvious that you are manipulating the pool!

  41. Thomas ainsworth says:

    YAKUBU!He’s proven.Torres the lady boy?gotta be kidding.

  42. John the redman says:

    I’m a season ticket holder in the kop, Torres was fantastic for his first season but it has to be yak from over the park. He is proven in the prem year in year out as much as I’m a Liverpool fan I’m a football fan and you gotta give credit where credit is due.

  43. theonlyonewhosingsinWHL! says:

    Kenwyne Jones is a top top player and John Terry rates him as the best aerial player in the prem and Roy Keane unrealisticly said he was worth 40m. Although he isnt worth that it is a good indication of his quality.

  44. michael fernio says:

    yak is da best he is hard an he will score betta dan most players includin vorinin.

  45. Vikram Desai says:

    AIYEGBENI,,, has the golden feet. He must run for many year for benefit the physique, man powerful with agility of lion. FEED THE YAK HE WILL SCORE.

  46. mike says:

    lol the yak is only winning by that much coz its on blue kipper XD

  47. Rory Lester says:

    I’m a Liverpool fan and I think Torres has had a great season, but he hasn’t proved that he can do it every year yet, and I suspect that he’ll find this season a lot harder than last season. Although I hate them bitter blues, I’ll have to give in and say the Yak on this one. :(

  48. David Moyes says:

    Yakubu aint that good

  49. Andy Travis says:

    Kenwyne Jones

  50. Marc says:

    It pains me to say this as a Kopite, but Yakubu is the closest thing to Pele. Top drawer finisher.

  51. Darren Davies says:

    Cold hard stats say the answer is Yakubu!

  52. jamie says:

    im a liverpool fan and i just want to know why did rafa sign torres when he could of had the yak for less than half the price damn

  53. Bjorn says:

    u know what, im a liverpool fan but i can admit that my team is rubbish, our manager is a fat spanish waiter, we rely on gerrard and a spanish ladyboy to carry us through every match, our owners are fat little losers who know nothing about football and we are all bitterly jealous and disgusted that Yakubu is winning this poll

    from your Norweigan friend, Bjorn =]

  54. Bjorn says:

    u know what, im a liverpool fan but i can admit that my team is awful, our manager is a fat spanish waiter, we rely on gerrard and a spanish ladyboy to carry us through every match, our owners are fat little losers who know nothing about football and we are all bitterly jealous and disgusted that Yakubu is winning this poll

    from your Norweigan friend, Bjorn =]

  55. Nyron Nosworthy says:

    Why am I not here, I once played upfront for Gillingham and scored two goals.

  56. Tom says:

    YAKUBU!!!!!!! is the best!!!!!!

  57. Keith 'Beefy' Barnes says:

    WHA? Nee Sheera? FUKOF MAN

  58. bob the builder says:

    Yakuba is only second best to the Great Dixie Dean who scored 60 goals in 1 season…

  59. bob the builder says:

    First the was Dixie then came Yakuba

  60. sam humphreys says:

    Yakubu is only second best to the Great Dixie Dean who scored 60 goals in 1 season…

    lost lots of weight, fantastic player (y)

  61. howelsy says:

    I voted for the Yak, albeit with a bit of bias lol. I’m an Evertonian and season ticket holder but even aside from that it is obvious that Yakubu is one of the best in the Prem. For both Portsmouth and Middlesborough he scored about 16-18 league goals plus cup goals in every season and now he is doing it again with Everton, jsut hope we get more than two seasons out of him as thats all they both got.

  62. Jimmy L says:


  63. JACK says:



  64. asif says:

    i am a liverpool fan and come from pakistan!!!
    (as you do)
    i watch my team every week on tele, when i cant get a ticket off my friend in norway. it has to be said that yakubu has scored goal after goal every club he has been to, ih is not like torres who gets all is goals given to him.i also think tom hicks is an evertonian, and if crouch can play for england so can i. other than that i love the reds…ohh and that i hate looking at dirk kuyt because he is uggly.

  65. john lfc says:

    If torres keeps goin the way he is it will soon be him,
    But as hes only done one season got to be between Owen as he has a gud record (even tho he is a sick note an misses loads of games), an it kills me 2 say it but Yak from the blues as he has done for Boro, Pompy, an them all with no service, Berb great service but still not a team player.

  66. Mick Opite says:

    I am a Liverpool fan but as an out and striker agree that Yakubu has the edge….

  67. jc says:

    blue power.


    Feed The Yak.

  68. johannes kepler says:

    from where I sit after the Euro Champs, I’m increasingly drawn to English football. In fact, the amazing form of Yakubu last season makes me think I should follow Everton’s progress next season, There you have it – Everton and the Yak for me!


  69. chris true blue 08 says:

    ov course its the yak by miles the top scorer behind henry in the last 5 years he is a propa goal machine he will leave torres behind this season ………. feed the yak an he will score 30 this season yak attack

  70. everton fan says:

    the yak the yak the yak …………………

  71. mr blobby says:

    i have suported liverpool all my life and have seen many great strikers in my time…rush, dalglish, torres fowler etc etc but for me THE YAK has to be the best ever!I mean i wish i was a blue watching him bang the goals in every week!well done everton!!

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