Mathieu Flamini: Spurs Move for £7.5M Disgruntled Former Arsenal Star

Mathieu FlaminiReports in Italy today claim that Tottenham are negotiating with AC Milan for their disgruntled former Arsenal midfielder Mathieu Flamini. The 25-year-old has endured a disappointing time in Italy since moving on a free transfer in 2008 as he’s struggled to maintain a first team place and often been forced to play as a full-back.

Last season, the French star declared his unhappiness to Sky Sport Italia, “I am a midfielder, I don’t want to play as a full-back.”

At least last season Flamini was a relative regular in the starting line-up, this season however, the combative midfielder has been limited to just seven starts in 15 league appearances. He has had to settle for sub appearances in eight of his last nine games for the club and his patience is wearing thin with the situation as his World Cup dreams disappear.

Arsenal were reportedly offered cash plus their former player for Emmanuel Adebayor from AC Milan last summer but Man City’s straight cash offer was enough to tempt Arsene Wenger. The Gunners are thought not to be overly keen on bringing back a former player who left them for nothing only two seasons ago embarrassing the club in the process. However, despite his history in the red of Arsenal, Harry Redknapp sees the all action midfielder as the perfect man to partner Wilson Palacios in the centre of the park with his tenacity and energy allowing the flair and creativity of the likes of Luka Modric, Niko Kranjcar and Aaron Lennon to flourish.

Flamini didn’t enjoy the best of debut seasons as Milan failed to challenge rivals Inter for the Serie A title, they were also surprisingly knocked out in the Uefa Cup 3rd round by eventual finalists Werder Bremen. The Frenchman played in 29 league games last season but only starting 22 with a number of those appearances coming at full-back. He played a full 90 minutes in a Serie A match on only 16 occasions with most of those coming in defence. This led to speculation that he would be sold last summer after the arrival of new coach Leonardo who was expected to bring in his own personnel. However, Flamini remained but has failed to nail down a first team place which has seriously hampered his chance to make the French World Cup squad.

The move to Milan was expected to secure Flamini’s position in the French national squad but instead he has only featured once since the move and that was back in September 2008 soon after his arrival in Italy. A move back to England may earn the player more opportunity to break back into the national set-up with a permanent midfield role and a number of Premier League stars in the French set-up. There’s no doubt the player’s stock has fallen considerably and Flamini has come to realize his all-action style is more suited to the fast pace of the Premier League rather than Serie A. The player would favour a move back to London so Tottenham are now in pole position to sign him.



Flamini’s standing at Arsenal was very much as a bit-part player until his final season with the club. He made a total of 102 league appearances but until the 2007/08 season, he’s only started 37 games. However, in his final season he started all 30 of his league appearances as he established himself alongside Cesc Fabregas as the first choice central midfield pairing. He managed to displace the ever dependable Gilberto Silva in the side which was no mean feat. The French star finally got the consistent chance to prove his aggressive; all-action style was the perfect foil for enabling his Spanish partner to display his more offensive skills higher up the park. However, Flamini’s new found confidence and improved displays led to suitors across Europe as the player’s contract ran down.

Despite an offer of a new contract at Arsenal, Flamini decided to join Milan in the summer of 2008 in a deal worth a reported 5.6m euros a season over a 4-year contract. However, despite joining Milan to enhance his midfield reputation, Flamini soon found himself in a position similar to that at Arsenal. In terms of being regarded as a utility man at the club. However, injuries allowed the player to break back into the side at right-back but the Frenchman is now determined that this won’t be the case again in 2010 so is likely to leave.

A move from Milan to Tottenham may not sound likely but Harry Redknapp is renowned for his persuasiveness and will assure the Frenchman that he’s regarded as a central midfielder only and an important cog in Spurs new look side. The fee for the player is likely to be £7.5m as he is not considered one of AC’s main assets as Leonardo looks to rebuild what is an ageing side with a likely influx of South Americans.

Would Tottenham fans welcome the ex-Gunner to the club? Do you think a midfield pairing of Flamini and Palacios would give Spurs the strength they’ve lacked domestically, particularly away from home? Would Arsenal fans like to see the player return to your club? Let’s hear your views.

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71 Responses to Mathieu Flamini: Spurs Move for £7.5M Disgruntled Former Arsenal Star

  1. Champs Lge here we come! says:

    This is in a number of papers in Italy today. I live in Milan and am a Spurs fan, even though I don’t like his former goon connections, he is a class act and would give us a brilliant strong midfield shield.

  2. Zab says:

    coincides with weekend rumours of harry in Italy too…

  3. Mark says:

    At 7.5M it would be a steel my friend is a gooner and thought he was great. Bring him on

  4. Mart says:

    Id take him. Hate Arsenal, but he doesnt play there any more!

  5. Scooch says:

    At least if you acquired one of our rejects then all you Spuds fans can start with your “this is our year” and “Champions League here we come” (although I see that somone up there has already started this haha). Flamini had 1 incredible season with us, then had his head turned and ultimately it was his undoing. I’m sure he’d jump at the chance of joining your “top 4 team” hahahaha

  6. Goon says:

    They can have him, 2nd rate. I hate Spurs as they are so successful.

  7. We have Emirates says:

    How many players have the spuds tried to sign…Eto said “No thanks” and was kind enough to say no offence.
    Lately you promise Van Nistelroy, Van der Vart and now Flamini…please give it up.
    Yes we are rivals (Only in the area we live in and not in football terms) but unfortunately for you Man Sh1tty is now out there and will battle for the top four place and probably take it unless Liverpool gets their act together.
    Villa are better than you too so realistically forget top four and try the going for the Europa cup…..

  8. GoonerEris says:

    Just like the Spuds to go for any Arsenal ‘has been’. Desperate to be as successful as the Arsenal. Take him, by all means.

  9. Mattyid says:

    Not surprising to hear from the arsenal nay-sayers. have few mates who support the gooners and Flamini was the one player they all hated to see leave. Is he still as good as he was ? I f he is he would be a bargain @ 7.5million
    Arsenal may regret selling him but they definetly dont miss adebayor the sulk

  10. Greekos says:

    I you gooners will find that he wanted to extend his contract with you lot and Wenger told him to prove himself. He did then when the contract offer finally came in he told you where to stick it. You didnt make any money out of his departure and its taken you until this season for Song to mature to recover from his loss to your squad. Personally I would love to see him at the Lane as cover for THudd. I think this boy has the potential to be world class but we need to keep playing him in every game possible. He has the potential to dominate games but he’s only 22 and may need some more time. Lets take it one game at a time this season lads and see where we end up in the league.

  11. sgsd says:

    like flamini coz he made arsenal look stupid .

  12. JohnBarks says:

    typical Gooner tits….Blah blah blah…YOur going to be fighting it out for europa..blah blagh blah… i would say were not, i think looking at the league were actually trying for champions league… does the league lie? i think not. On flamini…he regected arsenal, i like the guy already, lol, on footballing terms he has had a very hard pairing to get past at AC so i would tke to tottenham as back up, but is he goin to want that? not sure… worth a punt though.

  13. DAVSPURS says:

    I wouldn’t have a prawn sandwich of Arswipes its a well known fact when players leave they don’t Perform to Wengers high octane Energized standard.We have just had a legend in America admitting swallowing steroids and other enhancers to turn him in to a legend enough said .noooooooooooooWWWWWWWWWAAAYYY

  14. Lillywhite London says:

    Don’t really want an ex Goon and i would prefer them to look elsewhere. however, he wasn’t really wanted there and has been away since. My main concern is i’m not sure quite how good he is, had one good season (how good exactly?) at the Library (the new one)and has failed to impress in Milan, hmmm…. 7.5m is a lot i think. Possibly a loan with an option in the summer to buy?

  15. billy says:

    not every spurs fan says its our year were champions league you prat, i dont know any spurs fan that thinks were gunna finish above arsenal so i dunno why there is always some wet wipe arsenal fan making out were all sitting there yapping on about how were gunna win the league its a joke its you lot telling yourselves we say that not us

  16. Paul says:

    Before criticising the players Spurs have tried to sign recently, lets look at Arsenals recent transfer activity. A washed up Man Ure reject and a Russian that had his heart set on joining Spurs! We are so jealous, really!!!!!! Arsenal are just a feeder club to the real big boys, FACT!

  17. paul w says:

    here we go again from the arsenal yawn yawn supporters saying how good they are they must be wearing wengers magic glasses.because i dont remember them winning much in the last few years

  18. Scooch says:

    You Spuds are Hilarious, you really are. And it’d would be even funnier if you weren’t all desperately trying not to be funny! Little Billy up there says that he doesn’t know any Spuds fans who say “this is our season” or “we’re gonna be top 4 this year. Well all I can say to that is that the internet must be pretty new to him coz that’s pretty much all us Gooners hear all year.

  19. Scooch says:

    Paul W…..We may not have won much over the last few years, but at least we’re challenging. Tell me, other than your AMAZING Carling Cup victory what have you won recently? And while you’re at it can you tell me what’s happening in Eastenders recently?

  20. delspurs says:

    Why should we worry about who he used to play for if the arse rated him that highly they would never have let him leave so easily. It’s his ability on the pitch and what he brings to our team that spurs want.

  21. Harry Barracuda says:

    I think you’ll find he’s a bit of a Rebrov. Looked good with his regular playing partner but turned out to be the ugly sister when exposed on his own.

  22. Enorme Nuez says:

    Even though he is a former Gooner he has shown any loyalty to his former club. Then he left Marseille after verbally committing to a new contract. He is an excellent player who would make the Spurs midfield much-much better.

    If this is a possibility then I think Redknapp should pull the trigger. It is safe to say that Jenas is the odd man out if and when a new midfielder arrives so it wouldn’t be in addition to what we have.

  23. Dave says:

    to the man who said the league does not lie look at our position……nothing is won in January lads!
    The league will not lie at the end of the season and as usual you lot will be baying for old twitchers blood.
    Flamini read Bentley and keep on wasting that money boys.

  24. cootas says:

    what a pratt just like all the other players who fall flat on their faces as soon as they bugger off but he’ll make an even bigger pratt of himself if he joins them f*****g loosers

  25. David says:

    Flamini an Arsenal reject ? I think you will find he rejected you.
    Still its not all bad news as you are about to sign a 35 year old former Notts County centre half who has not played for 6 months. Thats real ambition!

  26. Bravestar says:

    3 nil..3 nil…3 nil

  27. Arsene says:

    Flamini will not go to tottenham, lool.

  28. Paxton Proud says:

    What a joke you gooners really are!

    Scumbell!!! HaHaHaHaHaHAHAHAHAHA!!!

    Back where he belongs eh?

    Oh yeah and try winning something before you open your fat scummy gobs…

  29. Yid4life says:

    Harry should go for him but i feel he might reject us.

  30. Murt says:

    Not like champions league football!!!!!!!! You can have him and when you consider that he couldn’t get into a washed-up milan mid-field its not anything to get excited about… Oh and could someone from spurs show us all the league success they’ve had recently? Oh wait…

  31. yid says:

    to all scum fans…YOU HAVENT WON AYTHING FOR 5 YEARS AND COUNTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and im banging a gooner girl whose husband and dad are season ticket holders at the scum! and what?

  32. yid says:


  33. wilson conan palacios says:

    respect to yid..hahahaha
    cant realy trump that arses!
    if you’re a gooner reading this, check on your wife/daughter…name her!hahaha

  34. Gunner - P says:

    Lmao have him you yids. We don’t need him we have Alexandre Song (just as good, if not better). Flamini is washed up now, he regrets becoming bigheaded and leaving Arsenal before his team like the majority of players who do.

    It’s a common mistake to make however, look at the long list, Hleb did the same, Petit, Vieira, Overmars. It’s more or less proven that players are happier when they play for the gunners but most of them let their ego interfere.

    Tottenham can have our sloppy seconds, they try and emulate and be Arsenal all the time anyway :)

  35. Reginos says:

    What makes the gooners so sure that their team will finish in the top 4? You are so sure of yourselves, but theres a few other teams nocking on the door, namely Man city, Aston Villa and why not Spurs?

  36. David says:


  37. Paxton Pete says:

    Heard Martin Keown and Tony Adams were looking for jobs…

    With them along with Scumbell you can dream of the days when you actually won things!!

  38. Paxton Pete says:

    Bottom of the barrel stuff with that C**T going back to you dirty scummers…

    Old Ar5ene1 Wanger doesnt have a great record with defenders does he????

    Not a bundle of great ones in the youth team if this is anything to go by!!!!

  39. spurs says:

    he left you to go to a bigger club, just like hleb, henry, viera…wake up! ps just been texting my gooner girl and she says she likes sloppy seconds..a bit like wenger and campbell!hahaah
    pps you still dont acknowledge you havent won f@ck all for over 5 years. sorry but that makes for a small club these days. its a man u chelsea and spurs monopoloy on silverware these days. and what? pps palacios is the best holding midfielder in north london so flamini would be a squad player for us even though he started for you in his last season…get the facts right…

  40. yid says:

    gunner p: flamini washed up? what a prat you are..he started for you, moved on to a bigger club and is coming into his prime…if you dont win a trophy again this season, which is very likely as you havent won anything for 5 years, then you are officially the worst arsenal team of the last 20 years…fact. embarrassed?

  41. manufan says:

    this is fun to read!lol its true, arsenal are no longer a big club. look at how they used to rubbish spurs saying they hadnt won silverware for years…its the best part of a decade since arsenal won ANYTHING. all arsehole fans are hypocrites, dumb or immigrants..well done to yid for penetrating a married gooner! gotta love the chat!

  42. n17 says:

    why is it that arsenal fans seem to think they are the greatest team in the world when they havent won a trophy for years and years….
    a plee to the scum: stopbuying foreign cheats. please reverse your disgusting ban on the st george flag at the arab stadium. maybe if you got some english like man u in rooney, scholes, carrick, rio neville, etc you might not be wimps and be able to challenge for at least one trophy!hehe
    not even the best team in london. all mouth arsenal fans.

  43. David says:


  44. goonerherts says:

    i think if wenger doesnt win a trophy this year he should go. how many trophiless seasons should we allow? 5? 6? 10?!!
    also, there was a time he could hold on to world cup winners, he cant even hold on to hleb, flamini, Ade, kolo these days…
    my prediction is we will stick with him, win nothing and make CL every couple of years. we are in a demise..but we are still a echelon of the game above the scum in n17. fact.

  45. david bentley says:

    would you rather win nothing or the league cup?
    if you say nothing then thats fine by the yids. we dont mind penciling our name in will just be forgotten, with no trophies or success! keep on like this please!

  46. David says:


  47. YIDDO says:

    is it true the national flag is banned at arsenal?
    if it is this is a first in world football. a sad day for the game. no wonder everyone in the country hates arsenal

  48. dan levy says:

    i saw your captain have a mental breakdown on the pitch, start crying and attack his team mates. sums you up… scum! no defence.
    also please allow the people of this country to wave their flags. disgrace!

  49. englishyid says:

    does anyone know how we can start a petition aginst the scum for banning the national flg at their stadium. i know all there fans are foreign but we do care. its the pricipal. hundreds of thousands of english lost their lives to defend that flag. disgusting. someone please set up a web page for a petition.

  50. gooner geezer says:

    First it was ohh lala Vieira this, vieira that, then he turned you lot down.
    Not so long ago, it was Thierry, and Titi laughed in your dirty faces

    Now is Flamini this, Flamini that, you lot soon will have egg on your faces

    You can have Bentley all day long and Yes enjoy!!!!
    At this rate, you shall end up as an Arsenal reject camp like the one your great manager created at Pompey before stealing Pompey money.

  51. gooner geezer says:

    The last time I checked, you silly spuds have
    Bentley, Ohara, and a couple other Youth rejects.

    We all laughing at your luck with ex-gooners.
    By the way, your beloved Captain is back to the home of football. The last time he was here, we won the premiership at the dirtylane. LEGENDARY!!!!!!!!!!

  52. gooner geezer says:

    Sorry Boss, hahahaha

    my boss is a spud. He is always miserable, poor man. Next time try supporting a proper footballing team that we all know the spuds always aspire to be, THE MIGHTY GUNNERS

  53. Flamoney says:

    True, Spurs are the new Portsmouth, buying Arsenal rejects then Harry will plunge them into debts and leave.

  54. Yid303 says:

    5 years from now Wenger still won’t have won anything and half of you Arse gloryhunters will be following Chelsea or Manu.

  55. jjjjj says:

    you can have flamini, he wont go to you lot anyway, man city or liverpool might have a chance but not you, pikeys! Say what you want about your little carling cup win, but really all the real yids know its worth a dollar to anyone in the world of football! Hows Bentley getting on anyway? what a great signing he turned out!

  56. jjjjj says:

    and to all you yid scum banging on about us getting rejected by henry, flamini, viera, hleb etc bla bla. Look at what your own captain did? would tony adams do that to us? no way mate. Lets not even start talking about robbie keane leaving spurs for bigger things, and coming back tail between legs because he didnt have the quality to hack it at a top 4 team? shall we talk about berbatov publicly mugging you off and saying he would never play for spurs again if you wouldn’t let him leave? actually lets talk about your main man micheal carrick who just f**ked off as soon as the offer came in, i reckon if arsenal put in a bid for Modric he’d probably go on strike til you let him leave! The players know, the managers know, the pundits know, and even spurs fans know deep down it aint gonna happen anytime soon for you yid c**ts, so say what you want about Arsenal if it makes your sh*tty little selves feel better. Goodnight!

  57. englishyid says:

    bentley from 40 yards.
    worth the cash…
    do you gooners realise we have lennon on the wing and bentley isnt even on the bench?
    get in touch when you win something!

  58. goonerslayer says:

    gooner geezer: if your boss is poor mate, what does that make you?
    a peasant scumbag serving a yid. hahaha

  59. ardiles says:


  60. goooon says:

    look at all these spud
    “what have u won in the last four yeaes”
    “4-4″ haha “5-1″ we are soo good
    bently great buy
    pavlechenko great buy
    kean great buy
    europa cup great ambition

  61. Pakman says:

    U smelly dirty yids, whens the last time you beat us in the premiership, u lot cant handle the pressure, ur nothing more than a mid team table atleast we have been in 5 finals over the last five years atleast we are renowned through out the world for playing the best passing and attacking football u just have to look at how many goals we have scored this season. look av flam hes a traitor and a flop so he will fit right in at ur club oh and sort ur stadium out my garden shed is bigger than that! haha u yids do make me laugh i love the long sideburns!

  62. ardiles says:

    five finals with five losses. mug c@nt

  63. AW says:

    Want to buy viera. want to buy flamini. Buy all arsenal whole team, so u might have chances to be successful as arsenal. And change name as Arsenal :)

  64. Goonorrhea says:

    @ Yid, Its my wife mate. Well done for breaking up our marriage by the way. Wouldn’t expect anything less from a Yid fan and then boast about ruining peoples lives. Our daughter is in pieces. Thanks.

  65. paul w says:

    scootch youre so funny, i know its only the carling cup as you put it, but against whu the other week was you not desperate to stay in the competition,by bringing on your more experienced players, towards the end i think youll find you was.and well done for challenging for the last 5 years without any thing to show for it ha ha.sorry didnt get the bit about eastenders, or is it you just cant afford a tv.

  66. RC says:

    Tottenham fans are a source of constant amusement. Every year it’s ‘we’re gonna displace arsenal in the top 4′. When was the last time you EVER did this? Remind me, when was the last time you beat us in the Premier league?

    You guys really ought to get a grip. Your players constantly mouth off in the press ahead of clashes with Arsenal and guess what happens? Typically you get humiliated.

    Flamini left because of Inflated Pay Demands (£100K pw) that Wenger refused, and off the back of 1 good season. It has sh!t all to do with AC Milan being a bigger club.

    Both Henry and Viera were outstanding bits of Arsenal business. Again it had nothing to do with going to ‘bigger clubs’. It was to do with profit while it could be made. Both players never played at the same height after leaving Arsenal again. They had peaked. It is business like this that has left Arsenal the envy of almost every club in Europe financially. Very profitable, financially secure, Brand New world class stadium all under complete financial control. No Arab or Russian Billionaire plaything, or an American cashpoint. A youth system that keeps cranking out talent (and making money). Arsenal are in a VERY good position which is Sustainable.

    Flamini MAY be a good piece of business for Tittenham (IF, and its a big If, you get him), however he hasn’t many games under his belt and has an ego a mile wide. He also needs a very good playmaker next to him to shine. He has a great engine, but the so do a number of established prem players. How much of this engine may have slowed due to the slower pace in Italy time would only tell.

    Redknapp has done well enough however as time will tell you can’t polish a turd.

    And Yid… your boast about ruining a marriage as some kind of weird one-up-manship is as pathetic a reach-for-credibility-of-your-team as I have ever heard. You must really be an absolute loser to brag about this as being some kind of 1-0 scoreline to the Spurs. You are a rather laughable, sad little toad of a misogynist (get a dictionary as I doubt you know the meaning of this word), who probably spends their evenings eating beans from a can, sat on the sofa in stained white pants and wondering how to make your mullet look good for the ladies down at your local on a Friday night. You really are a classless maggot.

  67. RC says:

    PW.. I think he may have meant that on week nights Arsenal are usually playing Champions League football at the same time EEnders is on, so ends up missing it.

  68. paul w says:

    RC thanks for clearing that one up

  69. David says:

    Let me get this right. Sol Campbell, the man who you had to release from his contract because he wanted to play abroad (before ending up at Portsmouth)has now rejoined on £20,000 a week. Is this progress ?
    RC @10.01
    Flamini left on a free because you cocked his contract up. You did exactly the same with Edu. Cost you £25 million in transfer fees, which is more than we paid for Bentley. Plus we will get something back for him when he leaves.
    Viera and Henry never played at the same height after leaving Arsenal ?
    Viera plays for top Italian teams for double the money you were paying him.
    Henry left you to go to the best club side in the World where he won a Champions league winners medal. No doubt it sits next to the losers medal he got when playing for you.
    Your stadium is a millstone which is paid for by Champions league money and selling players each year, the most recent being Adebayor and Toure. Ever wonder what happened to that money ? Was it invested in the team ? Nope, its paying debt.
    Lose your champions league place and watch the implosion.
    No Arab or US billionaire ? Not yet, but you have an American and a Russian who are both close to owning 30% each of the club and its just a matter of time before one of them launches a take-over bid.
    A youth system cranking out talent ? How many of your first choice starting eleven came through your youth ranks rather than someone elses youth system before you pinched them such as Fabregas.
    If your financial position is so great why sign a 35 year old who walked out on you and who last played 6 months ago for Notts County ?
    I could not care less if we sign Flamini as he is no better than what we have already.
    I am quite happy to accept my club is far from perfect. Try doing the same with yours.

  70. Dele says:

    Yid scums on here talking cr.ap again? So the 3-0 recent thrashing isn’t enough to shut ya’ll up or the fact that you haven’t been able to beat Arsenal, or the pipe dream of joining or overtaking us in the top four. So what will happen when Arsenal wins a trophy this season? Ya’ll have to come up with some other poop talk, FOR NOW GUNNERS own North London, spuds are irrelevant.

  71. paul w says: